Amy Stewart Artist

From Vancouver artist Amy Stewart: "Gillian took all my overwhelmed and fragmented ideas about my art and turned it into something that made sense. I speak through visual art and struggle with finding exactly the right words, but she turned my ideas into something that enhanced the work itself. And she did it all in incredible time."

From fine-art photographer Shira Gold: "After months of stumbling through language and grammar and struggling to have my words be an extension of my art, I got in touch with Gillian. I wish I had done it much sooner. Gillian was able to untangle my writing, find the heart of my words, and create statements that are reflective of what I do and who I am. She took great care in her work with me and was such a pleasure to work with. P.S. Her turn around time was amazing. I think what Gillian does for artists like myself is a true art form."

Shira Gold Photographer
Artist Marlene Lowden

From Sunshine Coast artist Marlene Lowden: "Gillian is a pleasure to work with. I’ve sent her bits and fragments and she’s helped me create something coherent and meaningful. She not only edits but she’s so great at seeing the big picture to help me develop my personal brand."

Photo Credit:

Lindyn Williams

From Montreal film producer Filippo Campo (Norwind Films): "With an impressive curriculum, Gillian is no doubt an expert writer. It’s very rare to work with such a kind and multitalented person in this industry. From scriptwriting, to treatment and researching, Gillian does it all with remarkable speed and efficiency.

Filippo Campo - Norwind Films
Erik Shirai - Cebu Osani Creative

From film director Erik Shirai (Cebu Osani Creative): "Gillian was absolutely amazing. She was able to take my screenplay and create a beautiful and compelling short story. She was a pleasure to work with and I would work with her again on any future projects."