I am a writer and editor who wears many hats. Whether you're working on a film treatment, grant application, artist statement, web content, or academic paper, I shape your words and ideas into material you're proud to stand behind.

WHO AM I? I have a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. As well as publishing academic articles and presenting papers at international conferences, I have worked as an editor and consultant on several film projects. I've revised fundraising and grant proposals for medical initiatives. I've edited numerous artist bios and statements for visual artists interested in developing their website profiles. I've also given substantive feedback on several literary publications, from short stories to novels. 


My talent lies in understanding the "voice" best suited to a broad range of writing styles and fields. 

HOW DO I WORK? Well, that depends on your project and what stage of development you've reached. If you've already written something and merely want feedback or copy-editing, I can send you comments fairly quickly. If what you're working with is a jumble of notes, send them to me and I'll use them to create a solid first draft. If you are staring in panic at a blank screen, an interview will help me gather enough information to send you a first draft. In many cases, we will go back and forth once or twice until we reach material that perfectly meets your goals.

Please note: I have high standards of academic integrity, so for those seeking assistance with original articles for publication, my help will always be comment-based. 

Please contact me with a description of your project and what kind of help you require. I will send a free estimate as quickly as possible. 

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